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What information is subject to collection:

Only data which provides possibility of support and feedback with the user is subject to collection. Some actions of users automatically remain in databases of the server:

As the acquired information is used. The information provided by the user is used for communication with him or her, including for the direction of notifications on change of the status of request.

Management of personal data

Personal data are available to viewing, change and removal in a personal account of the user. For the purpose of prevention of accidental removal or damage of data information is stored in backup copies within 7 days and can be recovered at the request of the user.

Provision of data to the third parties

Personal data of users can be transferred to the persons which aren't connected with this website if it is necessary:

Data security

The administration of the website takes all measures for protection of user data from unauthorized access, in particular:

Property rights

News, analyses and articles shared on Skyrex resources are the intellectual property of Skyrex or original authors and are protected by an applicable author's right, provisions of international treaties and other applicable legislation of the country in which the content is used.

Limitation of liability

Information collected at any of Skyrex resources is given only in the informative purposes. We don't bear responsibility and directly we refuse to take any liability for losses or damages of any sort, arising of using any information containing in Skyrex resources.

The only guarantee which we are ready to provide — we will make the maximum efforts to provide you with the top-quality information. All described services and information were received from the sources which are considered to be reliable.

Using this information and services, you agree that Skyrex doesn't bear responsibility to any physical person or legal entity for the losses or damage suffered in parts or in full as a result of use of this information or services under any circumstances.

The website www.skyrex.io may contain the references providing direct access to the other Internet resources, including websites, including the social networks specialized by forums, links to trade platforms. We don't bear responsibility for accuracy of the information, containing on these websites and our resources.

The references placed on our resources and on the third-party websites don't mean automatic approval of their services or products by us. Emergence on the website of advertisements and information on services and products, doesn't mean the recommendation to their acquisition. Information on a product is based only on the materials received from advertisers.

Legal regulation

Trade cryptocurrencies, in particular, in the certain countries, is the forbidden type of activity. In others they are in a so-called "gray" zone and legislatively aren't designated in any way. The part of the countries, in a varying degree, regulates activities of professional participants — brokers and affiliates — ranking this industry as the financial market, and in certain cases, as the game industry. Depending on the country of your permanent residence, you shall realize in what legal framework at the moment industries of ForEx, CFD, binary options, cryptocurrencies and other products mentioned on our resources are in.

Warning of a high investment risk

Trading cryptocurrencies bears high risk level and, perhaps, won't be acceptable for all investors. Is available probability that you will lose all your initial investments therefore you shan't risk that you aren't ready to lose. Before beginning trade, you shall make sure that completely you understand all existing risks and you consider the level of your experience and a financial situation. Skyrex makes all efforts for provision of all necessary information and ensuring preventive measures.

Disclosure of information on partner marketing

We can be affiliate for products and services which are provided on the website. If you purchase these products and services through our references, we, in certain cases, earn commission charges. You won't pay more upon purchase of goods or service through our referral links. Moreover, we, in many cases which are able to agree about lower cost of a product and service, or more advantageous conditions (for example, the increased bonus percent, etc.). Pay attention that purchasing through us you allow to develop to this website, to provide free of charge important information, to conduct the independent researches connected with products and services of brokers and many other things.

Acceptance by the client of risks and responsibility

Any content shared at Skyrex resource or operations made by Skyrex at users’ accounts using API connection are intended for the information and educational purposes only and is not an investment advice or financial service. User accepts usage of his or her funds for educational purposes at own risk.

Portfolio management

Skyrex does not provide any paid services. Skyrex is a non-profit organization. Portfolio management is provided to users for educational purposes only while profit sharing is considered as a donation in gratitude for provision of free educational information. Skyrex provides information at its resources as it is and on a free access basis. Therefore, Skyrex does not bear any obligations or liabilities and retains the ability to stop providing portfolio management service or other services at any time. Making a donation a user confirms that he or she agrees and accepts Terms of use. A user makes a donation and chooses its size at his or her own desire, therefore donations are not refundable.


Skyrex does not publish advice about using cryptocurrencies or trading cryptocurrencies. The Skyrex website, Telegram channels and other affiliated services contain information which has to be used for educational purposes only it is not giving its reader or user any financial advice. Skyrex is not liable for any data, analyses, ideas, tutor's and portfolio manager's actions as they are presented and conducted for informational purposes only. We will not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer arising out of such information, actions or any reliance you may place upon such information.

Skyrex content is intended to be used and must be used for educational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment or allowing portfolio managers to conduct deals at your exchange account using API based on your own personal circumstances. For the avoidance of any doubt, Skyrex does not hold itself out as Commodity Trading Advisors ("CTAs") Or Authorized Financial Advisors ("AFAs"). Given this representation, all information, data, materials and actions provided by Skyrex and any associated services or employees are for educational purposes only and should not be considered specific investment advice.


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