Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry Research. part 1

04.05.2022 9:45 pm

Hello, everyone! 

I’m a little surprised how top exchanges become more and more alike banks forgetting their initial commitment to the basic principles of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in pursuit of scaling their customer base. Thus decided to test other exchanges 

Last month I’ve been using MEXC Global and found it is a professional cryptocurrency exchange. Team members working behind MEXC are the ultimate pioneers of blockchain technology and principles, exploring it since the beginning 

It is a pretty solid and user-friendly platform for any type of trader and investor. The things I like about the exchange:
1. Wide variety of over 200+ cryptocurrencies: top projects are listed far more frequently here. Although i trade mostly Bitcoin in my analyses I also collect investment portfolio of many promising alt coin project. In this way MEXC fulfills my needs quite brilliantly. 

2. Various trading markets: MEXC offers futures market and ETF indices in addition to spot and margin trading. I want to try Bitcoin ETF contracts and soon will make some analytics on it as well as leverage trading

If you want to follow my Bitcoin ETF and leveraged trading analytics create an account there so you won’t miss my trades. I hope you’ll like MEXC

as me and would be very pleased if you use my referral link. MEXC Global is one of my favorite exchanges now hope you will like it too

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