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03.12.2021 11:31 pm

🔥 Tether’s audit showed that the issue and liabilities are fully secured by liquid assets

Tether was, is and will be (at least in the near future) the main stablecoin, and all this hype that was raised this fall is nothing more than FUD

🇺🇸 Goldman Sachs and other major US banks plan to issue loans secured by Bitcoin, despite the unofficial ban on these actions by the SEC.

Most likely, financial institutions will use the tripartite repo mechanism (in a similar way, loans are issued secured by securities), when the borrower places assets with an intermediary, and this organization already receives a loan, which is eventually “resold” against the security of securities.

💸 MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor stated that Bitcoin is not a currency, but a global reserve asset.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor said that Bitcoin is more of a global reserve asset, while the US dollar is the world’s currency, this is the main difference between the two:

“You don’t want to pay for coffee with your BTC, but prefer to pay in currency.”

Sailor also added that classifying BTC as an asset makes life easier for him in terms of regulation, because all current laws and regulations restrict the use of cryptocurrency as a currency, but not property. Therefore, once these facts are admitted, it is very easy to see a rather bright future for the industry.

💬 Warren Buffett’s friend is delighted with the Chinese ban on cryptocurrencies – he believes that it would be better if cryptocurrencies were not invented at all.

Charles Munger, 97, said China made the right decision by banning cryptocurrencies. The vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway believes that market conditions are far more insane than those seen in the dot-com era, when mainstream companies didn’t use web technologies to attract investors who wanted to invest in a booming industry.

“I wish cryptocurrencies hadn’t been invented at all. I admire China, I think they made the right decision by simply banning them. The English-speaking world makes a mistake in supporting the development of crypto technologies. “

Earlier, Munger called cryptocurrencies a financial asset invented out of thin air.

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