Mind Traps | How the past together with “future failures” bury the present

21.11.2021 10:23 pm

Hello everyone!

Oh, I haven’t poured out something to you for a long time. Something just boiled even. Well, let’s forget about all this: crypto, blockchain, futures and so on. Let’s leave! But for a while! Let’s chat about our daily life.

Each of us at some point in our lives faced troubles and difficulties. Someone was abandoned by a girl or even a wife, someone was pulled up by the boss to gray hair, and someone invested and went bankrupt. This is all very sad, of course, but friends, think about it!


Are you sad that your number on the account has decreased? No! You really wanted to buy yourself a brand new car and show it off to your friends. Is it sad for us that there is no longer that girl in our life? No! We are sad that all our plans for future life will have to be redrawn. In both cases (I decided to consider only two) our plans go nowhere. Oh God, everyone, I can never become rich again if I am liquidated. Oh God, I will remain lonely for the rest of my life, because she was the same! No, no and no, friends! Having been in this pit, I can only say one thing. All this is sheer nonsense, invented by ourselves to justify our own failures. Often we do not seek to learn lessons, we only seek to hide from our own punctures in endless frustrations and excuses. These thoughts are eating us alive.

Stop, now let’s stop and exhale. Let’s remember what we think about at such moments. Right! We think about the bright future covered with a copper basin and the past to blame for everything. My friends, in such moments we forget about the present! Where does the present go? And it simply fades against the background of the future and the past.

What do I want to convey to you? Next: yesterday’s failures remain there, in the past, and future failures should not be taken into account at all, since no one will ever know what will happen in the future. By worrying about yesterday’s failures, we block our access to new discoveries. We clog our processor with unnecessary processes of worrying about the past, we calculate, but what would it be like if I acted differently! Nonsense! We can never fix the past! Never! What about the future?

We can only guess! Now answer the question for yourself: how many of your fears were justified? In percents. If you get even 1%, you can call yourself a failure. When we tell ourselves that failure awaits us in this or that case, we automatically stop giving all our all to achieve a result, for why? For what? I know that nothing will come of it. This is the fate! I don’t believe in fate! I believe in probability theory. All events in our life are random outcomes. That is why they are random, that we cannot determine the influence on them on them. Nobody will tell you: “Jump three times on your left foot, then on your right, and then do somersaults and that’s it – all your deals will be closed with a plus, even under the 100th shoulder.” We can only influence the likelihood of the outcome of an event. How? How have we done it since childhood! When we went to school, no one promised us that we would study at a cool university. When we entered a cool university, no one promised us that we would have a high-paying job. Studying only increases the likelihood of success, but does not guarantee it in any way.

Let’s get back to trading! There is no guarantee that after reading 1000 and one book, and then sitting in front of a monitor with charts for several years, you will immediately become a good trader. No! Every book and every hour in front of the monitor, every support and resistance line that you build increases the likelihood of success. Think about what you can do today so that the past does not repeat itself and your future is as you imagine it!

I have all friends! Be happy and do not fall into the same traps of your own mind as yours truly.

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