Revenge of Doge and Bitcoin Retracement | Top News for 29 November

30.11.2021 12:31 am

📈 Bitcoin increased by more than $ 4,000 per day, returning to levels above $ 57,000.

Compared to the price at the close of trading on November 28, the first cryptocurrency is up 6.2 percent. By the time of writing the news, the price of bitcoin has corrected and reached the level of 56.9 thousand dollars. The capitalization of the coin is $ 1.19 trillion.

The growth of bitcoin provoked a rise in prices for other cryptocurrencies, largest in terms of capitalization. The first altcoin, Ethereum, grew by 6.8 percent overnight to $ 4.3 thousand. The cost of the Solana cryptocurrency increased by 5 percent per day, to $ 203. The total market capitalization has exceeded $ 2.5 trillion.

🐳 MicroStrategy acquired 7,002 BTC for $ 414.4 million at an average price of $ 59,187. The company now owns 121,044 BTC for an average purchase price of $ 29,534.

Analytical software provider MicroStrategy additionally purchased 7002 BTC for about $ 414.4 million, said the head of the company, Michael Sailor.

🔥 Vitalik Buterin has published a proposal EIP-4488, which will allow an increase in the number of transactions carried out using the second level (L2), without increasing the block sizes for all other transactions in the Ethereum blockchain.

Thus, Vitalik plans to reduce the cost of operations, and, as a result, the number of network users will also increase, which will inevitably lead to the strengthening of Ether’s position on the crypto market.

🐶 Binance resumed withdrawing Dogecoin two weeks after the outage.

On November 10, as a result of a software update failure, the exchange re-conducted an unknown number of Dogecoin transactions made several years ago – Binance demanded the senders of the original transactions to compensate the damage at the current rate, blocked the balances of 1,634 users, and closed the Dogecoin deposit and withdrawal option.

Some time later, Elon Musk reached out to CZ, stating that Doge holders on Binance should be protected from errors that arise through no fault of their own.

As a result, today the exchange announced that all the problems with the meme cryptocurrency have been resolved, and the input and output is working again.

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