Reversal candlestick pattern in crypto you only need

05.02.2022 3:27 pm

Hello, everyone!

While Bitcoin is playing out our long signal it’s time for educational content. Today I wanna show you the candlestick formations which predict the reversals in crypto. I know that in the books we can find more formations with different names, but in practice only these patterns does matter in reversals. All these formations play out with the best performance on the 4h+ timeframes.

Bullish Formations

1. This is the strongest bullish formation. When we observe the downtrend and the bullish hammer candle with the increased volume appears at the end, it is almost 100% sign of reversal, the huge bounce or the new uptrend is anticipated when you see this pattern.

2. This formation does not mean that the downtrend is finished, but the big bounce can be anticipated.

3. This formation is the weakest. If it appeared we can wait just for the local bounce.

Bearish Formations

4. The strongest bearish formation which appears at the uptrend end with the increased volume at the bearish hammer candle.

5. The big correction can be anticipated if you see this formation but not the new downtrend.

6. Local correction can play out in case of this bearish formation.

Please, remember that the candlestick formation without conformation can’t be the long or short signal. Exception are 1 and 4 formations. For other patterns we have to see the divergence to confirm the trend reverse.

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