Sly Chinese; for everything with cryptocurrency – there is Visa | Day summary for December 8 with Skyrex

08.12.2021 11:42 pm

💳 Visa creates a dedicated unit to advise its clients on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues.

The payment giant also released a report titled “The Crypto Phenomenon: Consumer, Attitude and Use”, where Visa claims that almost a third of respondents interact directly with cryptocurrencies, and almost 40% of cryptocurrency owners plan to change their bank to one that will offer services. related to digital assets.

🤹 Three Arrows Capital cryptocurrency fund yesterday bought 156,400 ETH after CEO Su Zhu said he was disappointed with Ethereum and would stop supporting the project.

In the 17 days since Zhu posted on Twitter, 156,400 ETH have been received by Three Arrows, mostly from wallets FTX, Coinbase and Binance.

Now these coins are no longer at this address – they were transferred to addresses previously unknown to analysts. Su Zhu himself certified the ETH purchase by the fund. Ethereum is still unsuitable for newcomers, he said. But that doesn’t mean that he considers the second cryptocurrency to be rubbish.

“I still have a lot of faith in ETH and buy it in panic selling like this weekend. By the way, 100,000 ETH is just the beginning, we will buy more. We were just buying ether from people who are so financially illiterate that they sell coins, ”said the CEO of Three Arrows.

Note that in November, the company invested in a Blizzard fund focused on Avalanche projects. Avalanche network is positioned as a faster and cheaper analogue of Ethereum

🎮 Gaming giant Ubisoft launches its own NFT platform Quartz and implements it in one of its games “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” with millions of players around the world.

In the coming years, more and more gaming companies will transfer in-game items in their online games to NFT, this is a giant industry with 3 billion users who spend about $ 500 million per day.

Previously, the commission from all these transactions went to banks, now this money will begin to settle in the cryptocurrency industry.

🇦🇺 Australia plans to release its own digital currency and introduce rules to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country.

The Australian government is taking steps to bring Bitcoin out of the shadows by introducing new cryptocurrency regulations while planning to launch its own digital currency.

Treasurer Josh Friedenberg has confirmed that the Commonwealth and the Reserve Bank are currently working on the feasibility of a central cryptocurrency in Australia. Speaking today on Today, Mr. Friedenberg said that it was time for cryptocurrencies to operate under the auspices of a “smart regulatory framework.”

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