Top news for November 16 from Skyrex

16.11.2021 11:24 pm

📉 The BTC rate fell below $ 59,000 for the first time since the end of October.

Is this not an alarming bell, signifying the end of Bul Rana? It is quite possible, but the technology so far suggests otherwise.

🇺🇸 Joe Biden signs the $ 1 Trillion Infrastructure Act with new rules for the cryptocurrency space.

The new law introduces stricter rules for crypto exchanges and expands reporting requirements for crypto exchanges – all transactions with digital assets worth more than $ 10,000 must be transferred to the IRS.

“Together with the infrastructure bill, the lives of millions of people will change for the better,” – Biden.

Against this background, the crypto market is over 7%.

🇸🇻 El Salvador is the only country on Earth where there are more Bitcoin wallet owners than bank account holders.

And we hope that this will serve as an excellent example for other countries, the integration of cryptocurrency into the state economy will begin even faster.

⚡️ Binance urged regulators to create uniform regulatory rules for the crypto market and published its own vision of legal control of digital assets

It is quite a logical proposal, because one and the same can not be activated in different ways depending on the state. This is overwhelmingly difficult to build and maintain.

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