Top news for November 23 from Skyrex

23.11.2021 7:02 pm

🏛 Binance is negotiating with global investment funds to raise big capital

The CEO of the company believes that the entry of large funds will protect the exchange from unnecessary aggression from global regulators.

Earlier, CZ said that Binance US will raise hundreds of millions of dollars in the near future before the IPO, and the main platform Binance is looking for a city in which to host its headquarters.

Apparently the IPO of Binance and Binance US is just around the corner.

📈 Avalanche Climbs To Top 10 By Cryptocurrency Capitalization
Altcoin renewed its historical maximum value, reaching $ 144, and its market value approached $ 30 billion
Avalanche’s value continues to rise after one of the leading accounting firms, Deloitte, announced a partnership with cryptocurrency developer Ava Labs on November 16. Deloitte will use the Avalanche blockchain to process claims for damages in the event of natural disasters, which will be forwarded to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Avalanche is an open source platform for running decentralized applications (dApps) and enterprise blockchain deployment.

💼 Despite the correction of the crypto market, during the week investors invested $ 153.6 million in crypto funds – Bitcoin received most of the new investments, investments in funds based on it amounted to $ 114.4 million.

Ethereum recorded inflows of $ 12.6 million, which was its fourth positive week in a row – during this time, the total amount of investments amounted to $ 80 million.

🐳 The third largest BTC wallet continues to buy BTC – from November 20, it bought 1888 BTC.

The activation of whales in recent years is very annoying. Personally, I see two scenarios: we are waiting for the next surge in the price of bitcoin and the second, the whales are preparing for a large-scale manipulation, that is, for a price dump in order to cause panic. That is, they simply want to arrange a sale for themselves.

💰MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor has confirmed his status as a BTC fan. Today he tweeted a post with the words “Bitcoin Only”. Apparently, Michael is not interested in other cryptocurrencies in principle.

And now, dear friends, I ask you to draw your attention to the last two news. Does it remind you of anything? Are you sure? But for me personally, the state of the information field reminds me of its state in the spring, before the collapse, when all as one trumpeted almost an endless bullet wound. Friends, I urge you to tighten your stop losses and enter trades as accurately as possible.

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