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19.11.2021 7:01 pm

⚡️ TIME Magazine will store ETH in a corporate account as part of a deal with Galaxy Digital to educate readers about the metaverse.

More and more companies are starting to trust cryptocurrencies. This cannot but affect their price – it is obvious that they will only grow

🔥 Google CEO: “I was once played with digital assets, but now I don’t have a crypto. I really regret it. “

🇺🇸 The US Treasury is confident in the dominance of the dollar despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

The US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury said that despite the huge potential of cryptocurrencies, they are actively used to illegally move money in such a way that they cannot be tracked down – this needs to be worked on and the creators of digital assets should be made to comply with the rules of combating money laundering more strictly.

Wally Adeyemo also believes that the dollar will continue to dominate the world as “people want to invest in the dollar and America,” and the $ 1 trillion infrastructure package will help “unlock the potential” of the US economy and create investment opportunities for other governments.

In fact, at the moment, the dollar is the undisputed dominant in the currency market. However, the explosive growth of investments in crypto assets in the future can easily change this.

🐳 The third largest Bitcoin whale bought 2,554 BTC ($ 153 million) in 3 days.

What does this mean? Maybe about the next wave of growth? Or manipulation? Read our analytical reports, they will tell you everything for sure!

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