Top News of November 17 with skyrex

18.11.2021 12:03 am
🐋 One of the largest Bitcoin whales bought 1,854 BTC ($ 111 million) in two days - now 110,175 BTC are stored at this address, and the owner's total profit is $ 4.5 billion.

Oh whales, whales ... As everyone knows, the consolidation of a large volume of assets from a limited number of persons inevitably leads to manipulations and other delights.

🏛 The Ethereum Foundation launches a $ 1 million fund that will go towards crypto education and developer training.

Vitalik Buterin knows what to invest in. It is quite obvious what this will lead to: an increase in the number of qualified personnel in the field of creating and supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

🏀 Lakers Basketball Arena To Be Renamed Arena

The cryptocurrency company has entered into a 20-year rights agreement in the name of the arena. This is the largest US title assignment deal

The stadium is home to world-renowned clubs such as the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers basketball courts and the Los Angeles Kings hockey club. It is the only arena in the National Basketball League that is home to two teams.

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