Bitcoin – my fatal mistake!

31.03.2022 11:22 pm

Hello, everyone!

As you can see the BTC price chose the scenario when we are going to see $44500 first before (may be!) $49000. The forecast did not changed in my interpretation.

This article I want to dedicate to my fatal psychological mistake. I am not going to tell you that everything is ok every time. I missed the very nice trade because the strongest psychological pressure which I faced with by the market. You probably know about my two losses which I got trying to short the market last two weeks. I understood that everything is OK, I am still in profit in March, but it was too hard to open the position again, guys!

Yesterday I opened another one short with 0.55% of depo risk (lower than usually). I put the stop loss less than it’s needed because I was greedy. It was hit by the Bitcoin price dollar to dollar!!! I was really upset. I am upset now. That’s why I did not open the short today, when I should. My strategy is good, but my psychology is poor. I need work on that really.

What I want to tell you guys? ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR STRATEGY. I told you it again. It’s really difficult. I am trying to make the script for this strategy, may be it will help me. What I am going to do next? I will continue to follow my strategy, never give up. Moreover I am going to learn Wyckoff methodology and VSA. It is the best way to read the market, I need it to be more confident in my signals.

What I have done perfectly? Despite all these losses I think I learned the main trading lesson. My risk and money management is perfect! That is why I have very profitable February and in March I have some profit. My RM and MM rules you can find in every disclaimer.

I know guys, that my forecasts are not so good as I want and as you want. I understand it, but as you can see on my example you can be wrong in 70% of cases but stay profitable because of RM and MM. I am going to keep working on the predictive power improvement, and I will achieve my goals, promise to myself! Try to overcome all difficulties on your way and never give up and we will see the nice result.

I am ready for hate, but I needed to tell you this story about my fatal mistake because you can learn the very useful lesson from my experience.

Good luck!

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