Safe algorithmic crypto trading bots powered by agile strategies and professional traders

4%* Monthly

Return on investment

*Based on previous results

Profit sharing

High-water mark basis

Fully automated

Secure API trading

3 000 USDT

Minimum trading amount

About service

Skyrex is designed for those who want to create passive income or increase return on their current investments.

Cryptocurrency markets have higher annual returns than traditional ones while advanced Skyrex trading system ensures the service is as low-risk as a bank deposit

Skyrex trading system

Multiple orders ensure favorable entry price in case of slump

Wide diversification of assets ensures sustainability to crises

Combination of low-risk strategies ensures stable perfomance

Gradual accumulation of assets with strict risk management guarantees success of positions

Top-100 cryptocurrencies selected based on daily technical and fundamental analyses

Multilayer system operates reliable indicators under supervision of professional analysts

Let’s look at an example

A position is opened at $100 point just before a market slump. Skyrex finds support levels and executes DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) orders at $80 and $70 thus averaging the entry price to $85.

Natural correction brings the price back to $90. Despite the fact that the price is 10% down from entry we can finish the position with +5.8% profit

Profit sharing

You share only a part of earned profit when a trading period is finished.

The more trading amount you provide the higher share of profit you have

Safety and guarantees

Profit first

Investor gets result before sharing. No payments in advance, hidden fees or paid subscriptions. No commission for a loss month until it is covered in further periods

Low-risk strategies

We strive to create a long-term partnership with investors instead of extracting short-term profits. Applying low-risk strategies ensures sustainable return

API connection

Use your own supported exchange account. Connecting with trading-only API keys ensures that funds and exclusive control over them remain at your side

How to start


Connect your exchange using API keys with trading access only


Check your USDT avaliable for trading


Confirm USDT amount for trading period


  • Check detailed statistic
  • Control trading period settings
  • Explore perfomance in convenient charts


  • Active trades details
  • Historical perfomance
  • XLS export for tax repots


  • Connect exchange account
  • Control exchange account assets using detailed table
  • Track diversification using proportion pie chart

High-water mark

  • High-water mark ensures profit sharing is only applied if your portfolio have reached a new peak
  • Negative results are collected and compensated in further periods until your portfolio have reached a new high

User reviews

  • Jack Aldridge

    Skyrex is amazing! I can’t believe I increased my deposit by 2.5 times just within a year. I follow these guys since their first automatic trading bots and glad they invited me to test portfolio management

  • Isabella Lewis

    That’s the perfect service for me, automatic trading using API and no payments in advance, I share only a quarter of the profit guys earn for me! No more subscriptions, I’m done with that!

  • Marco Barracelli

    When cryptocurrency market crashed by 50%, I was terrified to log in but the next day I found my portfolio wasn’t affected! They purchased assets at the very bottom, and I earned a lot in May!

  • Samuel Adamson

    Once I joined portfolio management my savings ratio increased because each dollar spent now is potential 2 dollars the next year. These 6 months are incredible. I still can't believe it is possible

  • Connor Ellington

    Earned some BTC by mining and tried to trade but in the long-term all profit was lost. Had no idea how to invest my coins safely to create passive income. Skyrex was the solution I was looking for

  • Harry Johnson

    I invest for almost 8 years and surprised cryptocurrency markets can outperform stocks in terms of risk and reward. Skyrex traders are professionals they keep my portfolio positive each month

About us

  • 2017
    • Founders unite in a team to cover the entire market with technical and fundamental analytics
    • Roadmap was developed
    • Origination of the brand
    • Public cryptocurrency news channel was launched
    • Website with educational blog and analytics was released
  • 2018
    • Public and private indicators and strategies on TradingView launch
    • Trading community with public and private analytics launch
    • Skyrex trading systems architecture release
  • 2019
    • TradingView channel with technical and fundamental analytics launch
    • Skyrex FinTech IT department creation
    • Skyrex trading systems architecture release
  • 2020
    • Algorithmic trading bot release
    • Swing trading bot release
    • Personal dashboard service for private investors launch
  • 2021
    • Advanced multilayer trading system release
    • Successful finish of automatic trading system 1-year tests private tests
    • Minimal trading amount size was reduced to 10 000 USDT
    • Personal dashboard service public launch
  • 2022
    • Personal cabinet with Dashboard and Statistic for personal dashboard service release
    • Minimal trading amount was reduced to 3 000 USDT
    • 1M+ USDT total trading amount

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Frequently asked questions

What should I do to join Skyrex trading system service?
  • Complete the following steps to join Skyrex trading system service:
  • 1. Create an account on one of the following exchanges: Binance, Binance US, OKEx, FTX, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Global, KuCoin;
  • 2. Verify your account if required by the selected exchange;
  • 3. Deposit your exchange account using the most convenient method supported by an exchange;
  • 4. Create API keys in your account;
  • 5. Register at and start new trading period for free

All steps are well-explained on each exchange from the list. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send your questions to

Do I need to make any trading operations myself?

Skyrex trading system allows people without experience to invest in cryptocurrencies easily and securely.

The service offers passive earnings with no actions from your side. Trading operations are made by professionals from Skyrex team. You don’t need to study complicated theories and charts, no more exhausting daily trading routine and emotional burnouts

Who does trade operations?

Skyrex multilayer trading system operates your account. The system is enhanced by professional traders while agile selection of indicators ensures the best performance at every stage of market cycle.

What return on investment can I expect?

Our main goal is to build a long-term partnership with investors. That is why we follow low-risk trading approach and believe stable returns are better than speculative gains.

Skyrex trading system brings 4% return per month on average which results in 142% compounded annual return to investment in case you accumulate profits

What is a minimal investing period?

Minimal investing period is 1 month.

When a period is finished you can either accumulate profit or withdraw it

What guarantees can Skyrex provide?

Skyrex trading system program is based on continuous research and development in cryptocurrency markets we’ve been doing since 2018. The service was launched in 2020 for private investors. Since the launch we record sustainable results

Advanced Skyrex multilayer trading system is not affected by market trends because it is based on combination of multidirectional strategies and wide assets diversification. The system provides reliable risk hedging and stable returns even during market crises with sharp slumps up to 60%.

We guarantee your portfolio will be managed according to the best practices with individual approach by qualified traders. We don’t chase risky profits and believe stability is the key to success!

Is it possible to lose funds?

A complete loss of your funds is absolutely excluded! We don’t use margin and operate on spot markets.

It is possible to have a small decrease during a trading period, but it is under control and in accordance with accumulation strategies we use.

Usually decrease doesn’t last long and is recovered quickly on each natural upward correction

Do I need to deposit funds to Skyrex account to join the program?

No, you don’t need to deposit funds to Skyrex account!

We use API keys connection with restrictions on withdrawals, thus we have no access to your account, hence funds and exclusive control over them remain on your side.

Be aware of services which ask you to send funds to their accounts!

Is it safe to use API keys?

We keep API keys encrypted in secured storage which has no external connections. You should also restrict withdrawal option when you create API keys.

API connection allows to create only buy and sell orders which ensures there is no risk of fraud. You can stop and delete API keys from your account any time.

Summing everything up it can be concluded that API keys trading is the safest possible way to run skyrex trading system

Do I need to pay for a subscription?

No, you don’t need to pay for a subscription! One of our main principles is no payment in advance!

Standard duration of trading period is 1 calendar month. A starting and ending balances are recorded to calculate statistic of a period.

You share only a part of earned profit when results are presented to you

What is included in statistic report?

When trading period is finished, we present the following information to each investor:

1. Detailed list of trades which includes:

  • Position ticker
  • Open and close dates
  • Duration
  • Return

2.Summary statistic of a period with chart

3.Summary statistic of all periods with chart

You can see a report example in Trading results section

How profit sharing is conducted?

When trading period is finished a manager assigned to your account will contact you and present summary statistic which includes realized return and Skyrex profit sharing commission value.

The manager will provide you with a USDT (TRC-20 or ERC-20) payment wallet address. You can share profit with Skyrex by simply withdrawing commission value from your exchange account to the payment wallet.

Once profit sharing is made the manager records starting balance of the next period and traders continue the work

What quote assets do you use?

We trade only in quote to stable coins which are fully backed by the US dollar such as USDT or USDC because it ensures there are no additional exchange rate fluctuations risks.

When you connect to Skyrex trading system we convert the amount you would like to use for trading into stable coin and use it to enter positions

Can’t find your question?

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