Algorand (ALGO) – Scam or Gem?

Hello, everyone!

There is an increased interest to atlcoin ALGOUSDT last couple of days because it has broken the bottom again. Some traders think that it’s scam and we should forget about this token, others think that it’s perfect buy level. I have another one opinion.

As you know I expect $10k on Bitcoin, and first of all we should wait for this price to see which altcoins will be alive. Anyway looking at the Elliott waves formation, I can see that ALGO is forming the ending diagonal inside the wave 5. Bear market for this coin is about to end, but I can demonstrate the decrease up to -50% from current prices. To sum up, current price is not a good entry point, but this asset is not obligatory scam, but this probability is higher than pump from current.

Best regards, Ivan

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