Beefy Finance(BIFI) | Trading Plan

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Part 1. Bifi trading plan

Hello traders!

Today I start the new series of articles. I am going to demonstrate all my trading decisions for you. First of all, I will show 10 coins with strong fundamentals in my opinion. The trading plans will be applied to this 10 coins. Updates where I show you my buy and sell orders you can find under these articles. Let’s start with the Beefy Finance(BIFI). 


Beefy Finance is the yield farming and stacking platform. There are many different coins are available for stacking and farming. Beefy has the automatic reinvestment tool and the APY boosts, which allows to obtain higher APY compared with competitors. 


Product 8/10
Beefy Finance is one of the best yield farming platforms. The project’s further success depends on Defi sector development. 

Tokenomics 10/10
Beefy has the ideal tokenomics, because the maximum supply is 80000 BIFI, where 97.5% of this supply is in circulation. 

Partnerships 9/10
Beefy is the project on Binance Smart Chain with the partnerships with Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Harmony, Arbitrum. 

Exchanges 6/10
The Binance listing is the nice indicator that the project is not the scam, other exchanges are not famous. 

Market Information 1/10
I really don’t like that there are a lot of investors who bought BIFI below 10$ per coin, it means that they have 300X profit with the current prices. I suppose that the downtrend can last some more time. The tokenomics will eliminate this negative effect, but we need time. 

DISCLAMER: Information is provided only for educational purposes. Do your own study before taking any actions or decisions at the real market.


According to my strategy, I divide all my USDT, which I set aside for this project on four parts. First purchase I execute in the dip. The approximation for the dip is the lower Bollinger band. Now it is the $909. Where to buy next orders and where to close your position I will show you in updates for this analysis. Please subscribe to watch out for my trading plan! 

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