Bitcoin – 2 crazy patterns predict $80000 price!

Hello, everyone!

Now it looks like the bull run is over, the Bitcoin price has been falling down for a long time. But I found 2 crazy patterns which can give us a hope that final bull cycle wave is going to play out.

Pattern 1 – Wyckoff Reaccumulation

This theory is well known for me, I often use it in my trades. On the left side of the pic above you can see this Wyckoff reaccumulation pattern. As I said in the previous articles, I expect the sideways movement for some time because whales is going to accumulate their positions. It coincides with the fundamental Wyckoff theory.

Pattern 2 – Three Rising Valleys

Fig 1. Three Rising Valleys pattern on Bitcoin

I found this price pattern recently, but it has ideal explanation of the current Bitcoin price formation. You can notice that this pattern is not contradicts the previous one. The target for it is $80000 in this cycle!

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