Bitcoin – I sold it to buy below $26k

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday on the 1h timeframe I found the situation with the high probability of the bullish outcome, but the market decided to go lower. And it is nice because it gave me understanding that the Bitcoin will form the reversal with other scenario which I have also pointed out.

On the 1D timeframe for BTC of the MEXC exchange I added the Williams alligator indicator. Earlier if the price got a rejection off it we saw the dump, during the current accumulation we saw this rejection twice. I wanted to take profit at $35k at 0.61 Fibonacci level, but now I suppose we will see higher prices but only after $26k. The Bitcoin got a rejection from 0.38 Fibonacci level, the downtrend is ready to continue. To execute the long trade again I want to see the divergence with RSI inside the buy zone between $24500 and $26k. I closed the position with zero profit, because I am not interested in taking small movement, I am waiting for at least 50%.

Good luck!

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