Bitcoin – use only this signal!

Hello, everyone!

Last 2 weeks I posted 5 signals:
1. BTC Short signal: +4.0%
2. BTC Long signal: -2.6%
3. BTC Long signal: -3.3%
4. LUNA Short signal: +16.3% (you can take profit now, because it’s too close to target)
5. BTC Long signal: +14.1%

Do you know what is the difference between successful and unsuccessful signals in my case? Signals 1, 4, 5 used the strongest TA signal – true divergenсу with MACD. Signals 2, 3 used supply & demand zoned. I assume that I am not a professional in supply and demand trading, and professional in divergences. Signals 1 and 5 I found on 4h timeframe, signal 4 – on the daily chart. Now I found the true divergence on 1h Bitcoin price chart. I can imagine that this signal is not too strong, but we will set the conservative target.

You can see on the chart the enhanced bullish divergence and the angulation bar with the Willams alligator. Angulation bar is the hummer bar which is located with the angle with the alligator. This is trend reverse signal. I like such signal type because it have great potential in comparison with stop loss.

The trade attributes are following:

Buy: current price($46700)
Take profit: $48800
Stop loss: $45500

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