Bitcoin – on the edge of collapse!

Hello, everyone!

I opened long 2 days ago supposed that the falling wedge formation was finished, but the market decided to show us another leg down. I closed position at small loss and have intention to re-enter lower.

I will be surprised if the trendline will be broken with the first attempt without the significant bounce. We can see the market is forming the falling wedge which often associated with the end of the trend. This pattern corresponds with the extremely strong divergence, the BTC have to pump soon! If the Bitcoin price shows us another dump to $36500 we will see the even stronger divergence. This dump will collect the liquidity below $37k. Moreover the trendline is also here. If this wedge and trendline will be broken the huge crash is imminent. I am waiting for lower low and divergence confirmation to buy BTC again.

Good luck!

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