Cardano (ADA) – insane long today!

Hello, everyone!

I know that we are tired of waiting the insane long signal on Bitcoin, that’s why I decided to find another one coin which have the potential of immediate reversal. It’s the Cardano (ADA).

Let’s take a look at the 1D timeframe of ADAUSDT. It has the textbook Wyckoff accumulation schematic. Now the price is in the most valuable place – spring, the fake breakdown of the trading range on the decreasing volume. I consider 90% probability that ADA can find it’s bottom today or next couple of days. Moreover this coin is about to flash the insane long, on the 1D timeframe it’s the strongest signal. My plan is following: to wait for the first increasing bar on the MACD histogram and open long trade with the stop-loss below the low.

Guys, you know me as a Bitcoin trader, but I decided to select altcoins which are very close to it’s bottom. Please let me know in comments if you are interested in my review of such coins.

Best regards, Ivan

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