CHIA NETWORK (XCH) – Where to buy?

Hello, everyone!

Last time there are a lot of hype around the Chia Network. A lot of people bought this coin and if we take a look at the chart – most of them lost their money. The XCH is in free fall for a long time yet. But I suppose that the trend reverse can be soon.

What is the only one way to catch the bottom? The true divergence for sure! We can see MACD have already flashed the bullish signal, after that we saw the 60% pump. Now the price broke down the monthly S1, I suppose the it is going to test it and 20MA again before the last drop to the S2, after that we will, probably see the divergence. Now I want to buy XCH at 62$, but this price can be changed if the signal will be earlier or later. I will give you an update when buy it.

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