EOS – 2x potential

Hello, everyone!

EOS has the very nice potential trade. Let’s start with the first 1-2-3-4-5 Elliott Waves cycle. This first cycle represents the global Wave 1. After this cycle we saw the corrective cycle A-B-C represents the global Wave 2.

Now the global Wave 3 is forming now. Wave 1 and 2 of this global Wave 3 have already finished, and now we have the nice chance to catch the most impulsive wave in the most impulsive wave. I suppose if the price break through the resistance trendline the price will reach the Wave 3 extended target of 2.62 Fib extension ($7.83). This is the our first target on EOS. I think that the Wave 5 in Wave 3 is going to reach the $9.00 but I will issue an update when it will be the time. Watch out for our channel!

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