Is Bitcoin in bear market?

Hello, everyone!

I want to say that I am ready for hate, because my opinion is not popular now. I gave you signal here that the huge dump is coming when the price was $65000, you can check it!

To be honest, I fell guilty that did not checked the higher timeframes for the strongest bearish signals. It was possible to forecast the bear market at 15th November 2021 and confirm it at 1st December 2021. But it is not too late to told you that the bull market is over. If you followed my those signal, you caught the current huge correction. As you can see on the chart above the Elder’s Force Index flashed the very strong true bearish divergence at the 1M timeframe! This is huge signal! At the chart below you can see the enhanced bearish true divergence with MACD on the 1W timeframe. The incredible combination!

Fig 1. 1W timeframe of the Bitcoin price chart.

So, are Bitcoin in bear market? – Definitely, YES!
Is it possible to execute long trades? – Of course, YES

As you can observe my last analysis series, I am preparing for the long trade on the daily timeframe. We have a lot of long signals now and I am waiting for the main long signal. It can be flashed today. If it is the case, I will tell you tomorrow. I am waiting for the correction to the upside, I think we can see Bitcoin above $50000 soon if this signal plays out. I just want to tell you that you should not wait for the new ATH and tothemoons for at least next one year!

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