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Trading diary

Part 2. ont trading plan

Hello, everyone! 

Two days ago I’ve started the new series of articles. I am going to demonstrate all my trading decisions for you. First of all, I will show 10 coins with strong fundamentals in my opinion. The trading plans will be applied to this 10 coins. Updates where I show you my buy and sell orders you can find under these articles.

As you remember, we started with the Beefy Finance(BIFI) in part 1

Today I am going to introduce you the second asset in our trading list – Ontology Network(ONT)


High performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. It allows to build corporate blockchain on it’s base. It use airdrops instead of  ICO 


Product 6/10
I do not think that it is the life changing product but the Ontology Network now is independent from NEO blockchain and has it’s own. Thus, ONT is a good product which definitely is not the scam. 

Tokenomics 9/10
Ontology has 88% token in circulation, as a result, the supply will not increase significantly.  

Partnerships 9/10
Ontology has many famous partners such as Polkadot, Waves, Litentry, Chainlink.  

Exchanges 10/10
All main and many small exchanges listed ONT token. Moreover the Rosetta has the Ontology in their list. 

Market Information 8/10
I like the fact that this token made just 3X from it’s all time low, has the huge potential and rather low Coinmarketcap capitalization rank. 

DISCLAMER: Information is provided only for educational purposes. Do your own study before taking any actions or decisions at the real market.


According to my strategy, first buy order triggered today at $0.8, and I have 75% to buy more. Next 25% buy order will be executed at Zone 27 Fibonacci level ($0.42). You can buy this first 25% of this coin now. This is safe because you have a lot of money to make orders according to DCA approach.

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